Elf Wizard



Name: Kassadin Player: Steven Homeland: Mierani Forest Alignment: unknown
Setting: CotCT Classes(Levels): Arcana Deity: unknown Race: Elf
Size: M Gender Male Height 5’11 Weight 121lb
Hair Color Black Hair Style Long wavy Eyes Blue Skin Pale


Visible Equipment
Curved Blade, Elven

Crossbow, Light (Finely Crafted)

Courtier’s Outfit + Jewellery
Scarf (Finely Crafted)
Boots (Finely Crafted)
Trench Coat w/ hood (Finely Crafted)
Signet, Ring
Belt Pouch
Water-proof Book-Bag

Kassadin is a middle aged Elf Wizard within the Elven Enclave of “South Shore (Korvosa).”
He is known to have arrived from the Mierani Forest in 4638y, 70 years ago.

Everything about him speaks of refinement. His cloths tailored and finely woven, a courtier’s outfit of deep blue, a hooded trench coat that seemly calms the air as he passes though it and sturdy footed boots. His hair is long wavy and black, though tied back, streams behind him.
On his back he carries a Curved Blade and Crossbow, around his shoulders a scarf.

Known to have been seeing “Kilarra,” a Tifling wizard security guard for “The Acadamae,” whom has been murdered. No arrest was made.


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